Journey to Chaturbate
A year ago I was working for a company recording my sessions and publishing them at their website. But I wasn't sadisfied with he money I get from them. So I left that company to be able to make more money, so I started my research. I found many girls making too much money on free chat cam sites.

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Not all the sites were confortable for me, because most of the time I had no interaction from the audience. Most of the time I was staying by myself until someone asks you for a private chat. Then I found Chaturbate where I could change the shows to my own way. There was a very big difference, a lot of interraction from the audience and that was putting me into the mood and I could perform better.

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The first days are a bit difficult because no one knows you and you have to make yourself visible. It’s the only way to bring new customers and money. Luckily, Chaturbate’s audience has been better than I expected.
Except the audiance other girls also helped me to warm up. I watched them very long to learn how the real camgirl show must be. 
If anybody wants to make some money from Adult Cam sites, I would strongly advise


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