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Most of the cam girls are making between $3000 to $5000 per month by performing shows on the cam sites. The well known method is using interactive vibrators. The performer girl wears this tool and fans can interact with her by tipping chaturbate tokens. It is a wonderful idea to make connections between two people from a distance. You don't have to be next to her but still can make her feel pleasure with your tip. This tool is so called Interactive Tip-Controlled Vibrator and the models are using it in two different ways:

Tip-Controlled Vibrators are programmed to respond for predefined tip amounts. So as much as you tip, the vibration time lasts more and more. So you can make a very generous tip and make her feel the vibration minutes long.

Sound-activated Vibrators are programmed to respond to the beeping noise when the audience tip. Some performers are setting a token amount to be collected and after it reaches the expected value then chatroom beeps and vibrator gets activated. This is a more collaborative way to make her feel the pleasure.

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I did check some of the performers to get an idea to understand how much token is needed to buy her a minute of pleasure. At the below example you can find how much token Lily MIller expected for the different time ranges:

Lily MIller

Tip Service Vibration
1-14 2 Seconds Vibration Low Level
15-99 5 Seconds Vibration Medium Level
100-299 10 Seconds Vibration High Level
300-499 30 Seconds Vibration High Level
500+ 60 Seconds Vibration High Level


So for the Lily MIller you need to tip 500 Chaturbate tokens (45$-50$) to buy her a 60 seconds long of pleasure. 

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Here is another example where you can find details about SweetNameless's vibration durations. She even offers a 30 min vibration on an Ultra High level for 8888 Chaturbate tokens (apprx 600$). I believe that she will never forget your name :)

Amount Service
21 If you like me! 
55 Spank ass (2x)
95 Show feet
185 Play with my pussy!
195 Flash ass (with panties)
245 Use Domi
280 Flash Tits
335 Flash ass (doggie view)
455 Turn on Domi or Dolce
510 Dildo in pussy!
888 Control my Lush 10 min.
999 Control my Domi 10 min
1001 Make me get naked for you! (10 minutes)!
1888 Buy my wet panties (address in tipnote)
2332 My personal Whatsapp!
75 Send 25 sec. wave pattern
105 Random level 1-5 
115 Send 35 sec. pulse pattern
215 Send 85 sec. earthquake pattern
315 Send 95 sec. fireworks pattern
1111 Send 160 second Ultra High!
3333 I will explode with pleasure for you... it's time to squirt! Send 10 minutes and more... Ultra High!
4444 Make me very happy and I will explode with pleasure for you... it's time to cum & squirt!! Send 20 minutes Ultra High!
8888 Dream tip! (Send 30 minutes Ultra High)

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Girls also have a menu where they propose different types of services. To be able to find this information in the chat you need to type "/menu" to see all the details. I got below information from Elodie's channel, you can even buy her a weekend but it costs 22222 chaturbate tokens which is approximately 1750$. I have to say that It would be a very generous gift to her. Here is the details:


Amount Service
6 kiss
11 PM
20 2 pank Ass
25 inhale and exhale
33 ahegao
46 tell the facts about myself
50 C2C
55 moans softly
66 Feet show
77 Flash Ass
81 moans in the floor of the voice
101 moans loudly
191 Flash Tits
444 Get Naked 6 min
555 Make me happy
22222 weekend


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