There are a lot of webcam sites on the internet today. They differentiate based on the service or the functionality they are providing. But Chaturbate is the most famous sex webcam site by far. There are millions of people searching adult content everyday and are very interested in watching live cam shows. Webcam sites are providing interactive connection between performers and the audience. People can donate tokens to see specific fantasies. But tokens are not for free. Everybody must be paying enough for every specific action. Some actions may cost 10 tokens while others may cost 1000 chaturbate coins. As numerous performers join the Chaturbate network everyday, you can easily spend all your tokens. But we need to be very careful about this content because there are many websites offering free chaturbate tokens trying to collect your personal information or inject malicious files into your system.

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Some websites are trying to scam people by offering free tokens by downloading their so-called "Token Generator"softwares.  But their intention is to get your email address or some personal information to sell them to other websites. I would strongly recommend you to stay away from that kind of website and don't share any information to get Chaturbate Tokens. If the website offers free tokens by installing software or entering personal information, you should close your connection immediately.

>> Become a Cam Girl >> Start Watching Chaturbate Live Shows

There are still some ways to make free Chaturbate Tokens but bear in mind that it is not really by using some token generator softwares. You must first need to register at It is very easy, just click the link in this article and reach the main registration page. At this page you just need to enter your Username, Password, E-mail address, your age and your gender. You must agree with the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Chaturbate. As a last action you need to validate that you are at least 18 years old and not a robot. And that's all, you are already registered and start watching numerous performers. But if you like to make an interaction with the performance it is important to make a donation. You can easily debit money to your chaturbate account, this is the easiest and fastest way to start communicating with the performers. But if you like to make some free tokens than take a look at the following methods:

>> Become a Cam Girl >> Start Watching Chaturbate Live Shows

The most basic way to make a free token is to perform video streaming. You don't have to be shy, there are thousands of people sharing their stream everyday and making a lot of money. I would suggest you watch other performers in the first place to find something more unique, that way you can get more attention. As you get more and more interaction you will get more free tokens.

Another way to get more free tokens is to upgrade your membership level to premium. When you become a premium member Chaturbate gives you 200 free tokens, it is around 20 $ today. Chaturbate graphical user interface is very user friendly and membership upgrading is a very easy process. You just need to click the "upgrade" button and chaturbate will be asking you to pay additionally for this. And that's it you are a premium member now.

A Chaturbate premium membership provides you the ability to private message to other users, gives you a clean interface with no advertisements, and you can use special text features in the chat rooms. Actually this will be bringing awareness to the performers that you are a PREMIUM MEMBER!.

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One another way to get free chaturbate tokens is to affiliate and promote chaturbate websites and bring more people. As they are getting registered into the system then chaturbate cam be paying out the affiliate shares with tokens. You can easily get your affiliate code and promote this code on your website, on your streams or even on advertising websites. I will be sharing another article which will be describing the promoting methods of your affiliate code. You don't even need a website!!!

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If you have a good audience on social media you can also use a referral program. With every referral you can easily get 10 free Chaturbate tokens. Actually 10 free tokens means 1$ today for the tier 1 countries. Every registration from tier-2 countries brings 10 cents and every registration from tier-3 countries will bring 1 cent. If your website has a lot of traffic you can easily make a lot of money by just registering people. Because if your referrals also start streaming their perforcense they you can get 50$ out of every registration. But there is also another method where you can get a share from your referral spendings. I will be covering this method in another article.

Once you start broadcasting I would suggest you do some marketing and maybe use social media to get more audience.