Chaturbate is one of the best adult entertainment platforms for sure. There are a lot of people spending their free time on this platform. Besides the video performances it is also very fun to read the chat window. If you are new on this platform you might see your name in grey color. So you are the member of "the greys" team and unfortunately you don't raise too much expectation :) but don't feel bad because most viewed channels still arouse a lot of curiosity. If you would like to stay grey, as a friendly suggestion, better stay respectful and enjoy your time on

In the chat window you will be seeing more colors like Orange, Red, Green, Light Blue, Dark, Blue, Light Purple and. Dark Purple. All those colors have meaning based on the users profile or their money spent. 

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Chaturbate User / Nickname Colors:


Based on the user's role diffrent color codes are assigned:

  • Orange: The broadcastr / Model / Performer
  • Red: Channel Moderators
  • Green: Channel Fan Club Member

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Below color codes are assigned based on the money spend, more you spend more dark your name becomes:

  •     Grey– users have no tokens
  •     Light Blue – users that have purhcased tokens
  •     Dark Blue – users that have tipped at least 50 tokens in the past two weeks
  •     Light Purple – users that have tipped at least 250 tokens in the past two weeks
  •     Dark Purple – users that have tipped at least 1000 tokens in the past two weeks