Can Chaturbate Girl/Model see you?


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As there are many malicious activities on the internet and many applications (facebook, facetime, whatsapp, messenger, viber, etc...) support two-way video calls, people are concerned if models on chaturbate can see them during their performance.

There are millions of chaturbate fans visiting the website daily to watch their popular sexcam performers. As a nature of the website, video content from the performer is shared with the fans. As we have cameras everywhere in our lives there are some people who hesitate if the performer or the other people can see them.

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The quick answer is NO! Chaturbate is providing one-way video streaming and the video stream is shared by the performer only.


If you like to share your video with the performer then there are ways to do this! First you can easily broadcast yourself and share your camera with everybody. But if you like to have a one-to-one video call with the performer then you can use the Cam To Cam functionality of By using this feature you can have a private call with the cam model and she can see you during her performance.

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To share your video with the performer you need to click on the "Cam to Cam" link underneath the performer's video. After you click on the link another screen will pop-up where you can adjust your camera settings.


>> Become a Cam Girl >> Start Watching Chaturbate Live Shows

Chaturbate Cam To Cam option zoomed in.

On the below screenshot you can find the pop-up window details where you can set your camera. After you complete your settings you just need to click on the "Start Cam to Cam" link and that's it!


If you still have concerns that someone, somehow can see you! It would be a good idea to cover your camera with stickers or buy a camera cover! Using a camera cover would be a very good idea because you can easily open it whenever you will use your camera again.


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